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The first obvious question is how many bikes do you plan on hauling?  Many customers consider buying a rack that hauls one more than their current need.


Will the rack primarily be on your vehicle or mounted in the garage?  Many leave the rack on their vehicle all year long and many leave it in the garage and bring it out for weekends and trips.  If it's on your vehicle all the time we’d tend toward recommending the size you need and not up sizing.   But the final choice is up to you here’s what you need to know about our different rack sizes and the spacing available on each rack along with things to consider with different vehicles.


  • VelociRAX require a class III two inch hitch with a capacity of 500 lbs and  3 - 3/8 inch (86mm) depth past center of hitch pin hole to insert.

  • All VelociRAX models can carry 230 lbs. (bike weight)

  • Each bike slot can carry up to 55 lbs.

  • We recommend removing ebike batteries where possible and typically 4 ebikes will be at full rack capacity. Rubber bands (or bike tubes cut in ~1 inch sections) should also be placed on the brake levers so brakes are engaged to decrease any natural motion between bike and rack.

  • Swing Aways and other hitch adaptors should be used with brake levers engaged to reduce motion between bike and rack. We now sell a hitch extender with built in anti-rattle. Check it out on the shop page. 

  • Overall height of all racks is 58 inches from the bottom of the hitch bar to the top of the tire hoops.


All measurements in Inches